A Google MyBusiness listing is essential to many smaller and local businesses. Not only does the listing appear prominently for searches for the business name or brand , but it can also appear for more generic searches in the so-called “localpack”, local search results and, of course, Google Maps. Especially on mobile devices, this local-pack takes an extremely prominent position and pushes the other organic search results further down.

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The so called bounce rate can be a significant indicator for a website’s performance. However a high bounce rate doesn’t necessarily mean that a page is underperforming. While it can be a marker for problems like “The page’s content doesn’t fit its heading” it could as well also mean “User quickly find what they have been looking for!”.
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How do you know if your website is a success? Or how many users visit your website on a daily basis, how long they linger there, from where and how they reach the site or where they leave it? What can you learn from your visitors’ interaction with your website?
To track and understand all of the above you will need an analytics program. In most cases Google Analytics will be your first choice – it’s free and effective. Read more