Google Ads

Advertising that is seen.

By the right people.

At the right moment.

With PPC you can reach potential customers quickly, effectively and in a targeted manner.
- Mag. Andrea Hofmaier. Senior Google Ads Manager

With paid advertising on Google, banner ads on the Google Ads Display Network and video ads on YouTube you can reach people quickly, targeted and effectively.

We create individual strategies so your paid ads are seen as helpful information and not as annoying advertising. In the end, you will get clicks from precisely those people who are genuinely interested in your offer.

As a certified Google Ads agency in Vienna, we invest your budget responsibly and profitably.


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Some companies we supported with Google Ads

The Google Ads workshop provided us with clear, constructive and most importantly, actionable measures to optimize our ad campaigns. Great job!

Tina Johansen
NAGRA Kudelski

What is SEA?

SEA (Search Engine Advertising) is often used as a synonym for Google Ads (which was called “Google AdWords” until mid-2018). In countries where Google does not have more than 90% market share, other PPC (Pay per Click) providers, such as Bing Ads, also play an important role.

Ads in the search results, in the Display Network & elsewhere
Using the Search Network, your ads are directly delivered to the search results pages of Google and partner search engines. When and where your ads are shown is determined by keywords: When a potential customer enters a relevant search phrase on Google, you can present your ad to him or her there.

With a good keyword strategy and optimally structured campaigns, this advertising option is one of the best available to us today. The user doesn’t have to endure unwanted advertising. He actively expresses a wish – and you fulfill this wish. Your ad helps the user reach his destination. The conversion rate, or completion rate, that can be achieved with targeted Google Ads is therefore extremely high.

With Google Ads you cannot only display ads in the search results, but also on other websites, blogs & apps. Google delivers image, video and text ads to over 2 million websites and more than 650,000 apps.

With banner advertising you can reach people who are not actively looking for you, or do not even know that your product or service exists. This channel is particularly well suited to achieve a strong branding effect.

Google Ads can be used profitably in many areas. Via search ads, banner ads or shopping ads you can quickly and effectively bring your offer directly in front of your potential customers. You have full control over who sees your ads, and when and where they see them. For more qualified leads, i.e. for people who are at the end of the decision-making process, you can increase your bids and thus achieve better placements and frequency. For informational searches, which take place earlier in the decision-making process, you can save budget with lower bids and still achieve sufficient reach.

The process of a Google Ads project

In the first step we define your goals and resources. We decide how we can offer you the greatest added value. You can use our expertise for:

  • One-time analysis of your Google Ads account and creation of a task list.
  • Consulting & training for your team, so you can better manage your campaigns in-house.
  • Continuous support & optimization of your campaigns. As an agency, we can take over the management of your Google Ads account, as well the responsibility for the success of your campaigns.

Paid ads have a huge advantage over other online marketing channels: you know exactly how much you invest and what you get back. As a certified Google Ads agency, we help you make your investment as profitable as possible.

Great ROI
You know exactly how much you invest and what you get back.

The plan: The keyword strategy

With Google Ads, a precise definition of the target group and keywords is even more important than with SEO. You pay for every single click. That is why you want every click to count.

We research which keywords your target audience uses, the intention behind those searches and the strength of the competition for these search terms. 
The strategy defines which search queries your ads will appear for, which ads will be shown to users and which landing pages users will be directed to after a click.

The better the structure of your campaigns, the better you can reach your target audience.

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Campaign Setup

A well-structured Google Ads account is the basis for success. The campaign structure results from the keyword strategy and enables us to control costs selectively and to target and deliver highly relevant ad copy. We plan and structure Google Ads campaigns in such a way that they are designed for maximum ROI (Return on Investment).

There are three levels in every Google Ads account:

  • Account
  • Campaigns
  • Ads groups

The true potential lies in the ad groups. The more detailed you work here, the more relevance you can achieve with the ads. In this way, you can show the user exactly the product he was looking for. You have the best answer to the question asked in the Google search bar. Both Google and the users will reward you for this.

We optimize all available factors such as bidding strategies, schedules, geographical targeting, devices, positions and even external factors.

When setting up and optimizing your account, we pay special attention to the quality score of your ads. This determines how much you have to pay per click for a certain position.

The text ad

A good ad doesn’t only fulfill the most important best practices: Keywords in the ad copy, clear wording, avoidance of empty phrases, authority through size (ad extensions), call to action, optimized display URLs, and so on.

A good ad must first and foremost serve one purpose: It attracts the attention of the right people.

You pay for each click. So, the ad must serve as a filter and attract only relevant users. It should avoid getting clicks from users, who will never become customers.

We formulate your ads so that only those people who are actually interested in your product will click on them.

A good ad
... stands out from the crowd. It calls for attention. It’s a magnet for clicks.

Other ad formats

Static or dynamic banner ads offer a good way to present a product or brand in a visually appealing way. They are displayed on other websites, in apps and portals via the display network. Clicks on banner ads are significantly cheaper than clicks on text ads in the search network. Banners are particularly effective in the remarketing area.

Gmail ads can also be delivered via Google Ads. These ads are displayed in Gmail inboxes and can contain not only images, text or videos, but also interactive forms.

Video ads on the display network and YouTube are a great way to increase your brand awareness. Your video ads can be played before other videos start or as a commercial break in longer videos. 
These video ads are like TV commercials, with one very important difference: you can decide who sees your ad and who doesn’t.

Google shopping ads are a special type of ad, where your products get displayed directly in the search results. Unlike the classic text ads, they are not controlled by keywords, but are generated by a data feed of your online store. The data preparation is subject to exact specifications from Google, so that the ads can be accepted and displayed correctly.

The Targeting
Video ads on YouTube are a great way to increase your brand awareness.

The Targeting

Depending on the chosen goals, different targeting strategies are possible:

  • Keywords
    The “classic” Google Ads Targeting: Your text ads appear when users search for defined search phrases on Google.
  • Placement Targeting
    We select specific websites your ads will appear on. You can also define specific YouTube channels or individual videos for video ads.
  • Remarketing
    Users, who have already visited your website and behaved in a certain way will receive your ads as a reminder.
  • Categories of interest
    They target users, who are interested in specific topics such as travel, sports or entertainment.
  • Topic-related
    Your ads appear on pages focusing on specific topics.
  • Target groups with common interests
    Users who have searched for specific terms or have visited specific websites (e.g. competitor websites) will see your ads.
  • Geographic and language targeting
    You can target your ads to specific countries, cities or specific geographical locations and languages.
  • Demographic Orientation
    Here you can select e.g. gender, age and parental status.
  • Context Targeting
    Only if a website in the Display Network contains keywords defined by us will your ads be placed there.
Your goals dictate the targeting methods we choose for your campaigns.

Strategic issues

There are synergies between search engine optimization (SEO) and SEA, but there can also be cannibalization effects. 
Are Google Ads worthwhile for keywords – for example for the brand – for which you already rank in the first place in the organic search results?
Do you communicate the same message through your organic rankings as through Google Ads? Or do you use these two channels to address different target audiences?

We test strategies and answer these questions with facts and figures. Google Ads is not about being right. It is about achieving the best result.

Google Ads is not about being right. It is about achieving the best result.

Our offer for Google Ads

If you already have a Google Ads account with active campaigns, we start with an initial analysis – free of charge for you – to define potentials, goals and workload.

We will then provide you with an offer with recommendations on what we aim to do and what will provide you with the greatest value.

If you would like to manage your account yourself, we would be happy to join you as a consultant. We will develop strategies that you can implement and provide training to give you the tools you need to manage your campaigns.

However, if you prefer to concentrate on your core business and leave the rest to us, we can take over the support and ongoing optimization of your ad campaigns. Regular reports give you an insight into our work at any time. For active accounts with a higher media budget, we set up a Google Data Studio Dashboard for you, on which you can view the current data of your campaigns at any time.

We look forward to your inquiry and to a new challenge!


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Industries we work in:

Potential customers often ask us: “Do you already have experience in our industry?”
From our point of view this is not an important criterion. We see ourselves as Google Ads experts, not as specialists for SEA limited to a specific industry.

The principles and techniques of search engine advertising remain the same, although the individual measures are weighted differently depending on the topic. Over the last 15 years we have become familiar with a wide variety of industries.

We have SEA expertise in the following areas:

  • webshops, e-commerce, trade
  • Doctors, clinics and psychotherapists
  • Lawyers
  • Tourism, Hotels
  • Real estate portals, developers, brokers
  • Telecommunications
  • Financial service providers, banks and insurance companies
  • International & multilingual SEO projects
  • B2B

We have achieved goals for:

".kloos can be described as "the web agency" that takes time to understand the industry, market and goals and then builds brilliant strategies. With unparalleled technical knowledge, the team from .kloos was able to transform the landscape and leverage technology to our competitive advantage. I can highly recommend .kloos to any organization looking to grow their business quickly. "
Britta Steele, Chief Marketing Officer
Sixsentix Group

‘’When working with agencies, what is really important to me is that there is no client-agency relationship, but rather a proper team feeling. With .kloos I truly felt that they want us to succeed just as much as we do. This created a lot of trust, and with quality work, that .kloos provided, we definitely got to a higher level together.’’
Vanja Lazic, CMO
Store Room

"We were super happy with all the workshops given by .kloos. We learned a lot about SEO and could immediately apply the knowledge in our daily work. Daniel used examples from our own website in the trainings, showed us what to pay attention to and where the biggest potentials were. Altogether, it was extremely helpful and actionable. Thank you!"
Sonja Kohlreiter

“.kloos has always been more than willing to reply to our every request promptly and efficiently. The team carefully studied and optimized many aspects of our website, so that we see huge improvements across all target countries and language versions. They helped us with the restructure of our Google Ads campaigns, a change that made the campaigns more efficient and profitable. “
Paul Duff, CEO
BIZ Courier

“The Google Ads workshop gave us clear, constructive and actionable advice on how to adjust and improve our Ad’s and conversions according to our needs. Great value for money!”
Tina Johansen
NAGRA Kudelski