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Define success.

Make it measurable.

Track and analyze.

The better the data, the better the decisions.
- Jonatan Ivo. Technical SEO and Analytics Experte

A professional analytics setup helps you to understand and optimize the effectiveness of all your online marketing activities. The evaluated data forms the basis on which you can make far-reaching decisions for your company.

We establish a tracking system that enables us to answer all relevant questions. This data is not only collected and evaluated by us, but also brought into the right context and interpreted in relation to the project.

Our team of certified Google Analytics experts makes sure that you get exactly the data that is important to you.

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Some companies we supported with our Analytics expertise

When working with agencies, what is really important to me is that there is no client-agency relationship, but rather a proper team feeling. With .kloos I truly felt that they want us to succeed just as much as we do. This created a lot of trust, and with quality work, that .kloos provided, we definitely got to a higher level together.’

Vanja Lazic, CMO
Store Room

Why do we need a solid Analytics setup?

To be successful, you have to define success and make it measurable. This data allows you to make the right decisions and plan further steps.

The continuous and precise analysis creates a feedback loop that allows us to respond promptly to changes, trends or problems and to find suitable solutions.

We are convinced that decisions can only be as good as the information on which they are based. With a solid analysis setup, we can work with you to define the best possible approach. It is important to collect clean data, define clear goals and evaluate the data to understand whether these goals are being met.

In a first step, we work together to determine which data we want to collect: What are your company’s goals and what are the objectives of the website? From this we can then derive which concrete KPIs, key figures and data we need to track in a targeted manner.

Good decisions
Decisions can only be as good as the information they are based on.

Google Analytics

Google Analytics is the most common tool to record how users come to your website and how they behave there. A lot of relevant data is automatically recorded in the standard installation:

How many visitors come to your website?
Through which channels do these visitors come?
Which and how many subpages do they view?

However, this automatically collected data is not sufficient to come to specific conclusions for many websites or online stores. We extend the standard Google Analytics setup to capture exactly those actions that are really interesting for you on your website. This includes tracking events, setting targets, funnels and campaigns, and segmenting and filtering incoming data.

For online stores, we support you in setting up a functioning e-commerce tracking system, so that you not only know the total number of transactions, but also receive precise data on products sold and sales figures and can link them to other data. For example, it is possible to determine which source or advertising measure generates how much turnover.

We also ensure that your Google Analytics installation meets the high requirements of the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR).

Google Analytics is one of the best tools available to collect and analyze user data on your website.

Google Tag Manager

The Google Tag Manager is a platform that allows individual tracking of specific dimensions and values without having to change the code of your website. Thus, not only standard data-sets can be collected, but also very specific data:

  • How often has a form been sent?
  • How far have users scrolled down?
  • How often was an embedded ad banner actually seen?

The Tag Manager not only allows you to send data to Google Analytics, it can also be used to import other tracking solutions, from the Facebook Pixel or Matomo Tracking to tools like Hotjar.

Our Google Tag Manager experts can handle even very complex tracking implementations for you.

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Performance & Rank Tracking

Apart from the behaviour of the users on your website, we can also measure the performance of your website. With the Google Search Console, professional SEO tools such as SISTRIX or SEMrush and ranking trackers such as AWRcloud you can see how the visibility of your website develops for different search terms.

Other tools allow us to monitor the page speed, accessibility and “health” of a website.

SEO Tools
We rely on the Google Search Console in combination with professional SEO tools.

Interpretation & visualization of the data

The mere collection of data alone does not give you any advantage. What will help you are specific measures that we derive from the data. In order to define and implement these measures, we have to ask the right questions and interpret the data correctly.

It is particularly important to distinguish between correlation and causality. A correlation usually does not mean much. All that can be seen from this is that two or more developments occur at the same time and in a similar manner. Whether these developments influence each other is another question. Causality, on the other hand, means that an event or development has a direct influence on another development.

To better understand developments, we use tools like Google Data Studio to visualize, connect and compare data from different sources.

The value of data evaluation lies in the actions that are derived from it.

Our offer

For small websites, a basic analysis setup consisting of Google Tag Manager with Google Analytics connection, Google Search Console, and a sample of the most important search terms in a ranking tracker is usually sufficient. This analytics implementation is included in all our SEO and Google Ads offerings, but can also be ordered separately.

If the complexity of the website increases or if you need analytics and tracking for a store or an app, the complexity of the Analytics setup also increases. We would be happy to provide you with a quote that is tailored to your project. Aspects we can cover are:

  • Support in selecting the right tools
  • Definition of suitable goals and KPIs
  • Google Tag Manager
  • Google Analytics / Adobe Analytics / Matomo /…
  • Google Search Console
  • Google Data Studio
  • Setup of professional SEO Tools (SISTRIX, Searchmetrics, …)

Tell us about your project

Industries we work in

Potential customers often ask us: “Do you already have experience in our industry?” From our point of view this is not an important criterion.

We see ourselves as analytics experts, not as experts in web analytics limited to a specific topic. Over the last 15 years we have become familiar with a wide range of industries.

We have analytics expertise in the following areas:

  • webshops, e-commerce, trade
  • Doctors, clinics and psychotherapists
  • Lawyers
  • Tourism, Hotels
  • Real estate portals, developers, brokers
  • Telecommunications
  • Financial service providers, banks and insurance companies
  • International & multilingual SEO projects
  • B2B

We have achieved goals for:

".kloos can be described as "the web agency" that takes time to understand the industry, market and goals and then builds brilliant strategies. With unparalleled technical knowledge, the team from .kloos was able to transform the landscape and leverage technology to our competitive advantage. I can highly recommend .kloos to any organization looking to grow their business quickly. "
Britta Steele, Chief Marketing Officer
Sixsentix Group

‘’When working with agencies, what is really important to me is that there is no client-agency relationship, but rather a proper team feeling. With .kloos I truly felt that they want us to succeed just as much as we do. This created a lot of trust, and with quality work, that .kloos provided, we definitely got to a higher level together.’’
Vanja Lazic, CMO
Store Room

"We were super happy with all the workshops given by .kloos. We learned a lot about SEO and could immediately apply the knowledge in our daily work. Daniel used examples from our own website in the trainings, showed us what to pay attention to and where the biggest potentials were. Altogether, it was extremely helpful and actionable. Thank you!"
Sonja Kohlreiter

“.kloos has always been more than willing to reply to our every request promptly and efficiently. The team carefully studied and optimized many aspects of our website, so that we see huge improvements across all target countries and language versions. They helped us with the restructure of our Google Ads campaigns, a change that made the campaigns more efficient and profitable. “
Paul Duff, CEO
BIZ Courier

“The Google Ads workshop gave us clear, constructive and actionable advice on how to adjust and improve our Ad’s and conversions according to our needs. Great value for money!”
Tina Johansen
NAGRA Kudelski

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