Content moves people.

And the rankings on Google.

Good content wins.

Dive in or scroll past? Your content is decisive for who feels addressed and what you can convey.
- Dr. Sabine Schönfellner. SEO, Content Marketing

Content informs, entertains, surprises and can make you laugh. With content marketing, you convey your message emotionally and impressively.

Your target group is not interested in whether the technology of your website is okay, whether the information architecture is good or which CMS you use. Your potential customers are interested in you and your content.

In order to be successful, you need exactly the content that best meets the visitors' intention. As a content marketing agency, we can help you with that – from strategic consulting to concrete implementation.

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Some companies we supported with Content Marketing

.kloos has always been more than willing to reply to our every request promptly and efficiently. The team carefully studied and optimized many aspects of our website, so that we see huge improvements across all target countries and language versions. They helped us with the restructure of our Google Ads campaigns, a change that made the campaigns more efficient and profitable.

Paul Duff, CEO
BIZ Courier

The basis of content marketing

Your message should be visible and memorable. Good content helps you achieve exactly that.

We consider three factors for successful content marketing:

  • Target group: Who do I want to reach? What interests my target audience? Which of their questions can I answer, for which problems do I offer solutions?
  • Format: How do I best communicate my content? Do I create text, and if so, is a short info box enough or do I need to write an elaborate piece? Is a video more descriptive or a podcast more accessible? How do I prepare my content?
  • Platform: Where do I reach my target audience? Will my content appear on Facebook, Twitter or on a blog? How do people consume my content: on smartphones and tablets, at home on the computer or on the road? 
If I know my target audience and can describe the users clearly, I also know where to find them. At the same time, I can consider both the content and the interests of the target group when choosing the format.
Good content fulfills the user's intention: it’s helpful, in a pleasant format and in the right place.

What are the benefits of content marketing?

Content marketing allows you to clearly communicate and spread your messages. Additionally, you might also get attention that you didn’t expect: clever content marketing can make you into a thought leader.

This is how it works: Users inform themselves about a specific topic (such as “How do I find the right air conditioning for my office?” or “What’s the use of content marketing?”), come across your content and have the first contact with your brand. Later, when the users are looking for concrete solutions and offers, they are already familiar with your brand. Potential customers already have a positive association with you and your brand. You have one foot in the door and therefore an enormous advantage over the competition.

How you actually benefit from content marketing

Range: Your content is prepared for different platforms and thus appeals to users wherever they are. This allows you to target new user groups and increase your reach.

Visibility: The so-called organic visibility in search engines increases significantly for content created carefully and according to SEO criteria. If your content answers users’ questions, search engines will classify it as topic-relevant and thus rank it higher. At the same time, visibility is of course also related to visual communication: Visually appealing, particularly surprising and novel content creates focal points that will be remembered.

Linking: Useful and interesting content is shared, linked to and passed on. Especially external links from other websites, blogs, etc. are extremely valuable from an SEO point of view, as they increase your visibility even more. In social media and across platforms, shared content quickly refers to your knowledge and products. Content marketing is a fixed component of every off-page SEO strategy and leads to more backlinks and more positive ranking signals from outside.

Content marketing is one of the most powerful tools we have for SEO.

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What do we offer as a content marketing agency?

The user is at the center of our attention with everything we do. Whether we work with you to develop a comprehensive content strategy, we create content for specific landing pages or you need support with your social media presence – we focus on the user first.

With know-how and craftsmanship, we ensure that your content is attractively designed and addresses the questions and problems of your users.

Content strategy

We define the target audience, format and platform for the publication. We research the core topics as well as related subject areas and trends. The most frequent questions and problems of the target group are collected.

From this, we develop a strategy for creating relevant content that appeals to your target group.

However, a good content strategy is not created just once, but is continuously analyzed and optimized: What has worked, and what has not?

Editorial planning

The timing is critical: At what time of the year, at which event should you publish content? How do you create variety? How do you ensure that you do not run out of topics?

With the right editorial planning, the copy writers know what’s in store for them and can prepare themselves in time. At the same time, editorial planning must of course be flexible enough to allow you to react quickly to trends and current developments.

SEO texts, keywords & WDF*IDF

Whether you have an online store, an informational website, or are a service provider: we can find interesting topics and create good content in any field.

When creating SEO content, we start with a thorough keyword research. We research which terms your users use and how often these terms are searched for per month.
These keywords as well as terms that are often used in connection with the main keywords – so-called “proof words” – are then incorporated into the text.
SEO uses the so-called WDF*IDF method, which determines how often terms should appear in the text, by analyzing the frequency of these terms’ appearance in other texts.

We can help you by either training your internal copywriters or by taking over the entire content creation process.

Newsletter Marketing

With newsletter marketing, you can easily and effectively inform your customers about new offers, draw their attention to promotions or provide them with exclusive content.

You can also reach existing customers and strengthen their interest in your brand, advertise new offers or make them aware of specials. A newsletter is a great way to target people, who have already shown interest in you, with interesting content and subliminal advertising, in order to turn them into customers.

Social Media

Social media has become an indispensable channel in content marketing: performance marketing is a highly targeted and customizable way to reach your potential customers. Short and concise messages are particularly suitable. Visually supported by pictures and videos, your messages will be remembered. When it comes to content marketing for social media, we are happy to support you in the planning phase – which begins with the selection of the right platform(s) – as well as in the implementation phase.

Blogs & Online Magazines

Blogs, online magazines and guidebooks are some of the best channels for content marketing: Here you can show your expertise, become an important source of information for the reader and thus build trust. At the same time, it is precisely these long form pieces of content that also serve to gain links: We want to build links from resources that strengthen the backlink profile of your website and improve your rankings.

Visual content (infographics, photo, video)

In content marketing, infographics, photos and videos are more than just accompaniments for the text: they complement and enrich the text and enhance it. We select and prepare the right visual material and take care of the creation of infographics and photos.

Our offer for content marketing

Content strategy: Whether it is about the development of a new strategy or the further development on the basis of existing content strategies, we are happy to help you. From comprehensive strategy development to concrete editorial planning, we offer everything you need.

Workshops: If you primarily need consulting services to continue working independently with your own team, or if you want training for your internal copywriters or content creators, we offer individually tailored workshops, in which we impart concrete SEO knowledge and comprehensible examples.

Content creation: We have years of experience in copywriting, web copywriting and SEO texts. We also support you in the selection and editing of visual content.

We are looking forward to your inquiry and to a new challenge!

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Industries we work in:

Potential customers often ask us: “Do you already have experience in our industry?

From our point of view this is not an important criterion. We see ourselves as content marketing experts, not as specialists for content marketing limited to a specific topic.

Over the last 15 years we have become familiar with a wide range of industries.

We have content marketing expertise in the following areas:

  • webshops, e-commerce, trade
  • Doctors, clinics and psychotherapists
  • Lawyers
  • Tourism, Hotels
  • Real estate portals, developers, brokers
  • Telecommunications
  • Financial service providers, banks and insurance companies
  • International & multilingual SEO projects
  • B2B

We have achieved goals for:

".kloos can be described as "the web agency" that takes time to understand the industry, market and goals and then builds brilliant strategies. With unparalleled technical knowledge, the team from .kloos was able to transform the landscape and leverage technology to our competitive advantage. I can highly recommend .kloos to any organization looking to grow their business quickly. "
Britta Steele, Chief Marketing Officer
Sixsentix Group

‘’When working with agencies, what is really important to me is that there is no client-agency relationship, but rather a proper team feeling. With .kloos I truly felt that they want us to succeed just as much as we do. This created a lot of trust, and with quality work, that .kloos provided, we definitely got to a higher level together.’’
Vanja Lazic, CMO
Store Room

"We were super happy with all the workshops given by .kloos. We learned a lot about SEO and could immediately apply the knowledge in our daily work. Daniel used examples from our own website in the trainings, showed us what to pay attention to and where the biggest potentials were. Altogether, it was extremely helpful and actionable. Thank you!"
Sonja Kohlreiter

“.kloos has always been more than willing to reply to our every request promptly and efficiently. The team carefully studied and optimized many aspects of our website, so that we see huge improvements across all target countries and language versions. They helped us with the restructure of our Google Ads campaigns, a change that made the campaigns more efficient and profitable. “
Paul Duff, CEO
BIZ Courier

“The Google Ads workshop gave us clear, constructive and actionable advice on how to adjust and improve our Ad’s and conversions according to our needs. Great value for money!”
Tina Johansen
NAGRA Kudelski