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We could tell you all about our experienced team of experts, list countries and markets we work in, mention keywords like international, global and up-to-date, point out that we test new SEO theories before we use them, or even explain that we invest 15% of our working time in trainings and education. But let’s make it easier:

We are .kloos, your online marketing agency in Vienna.

[Something about leadership qualities and an eye for the big picture?] Search engine marketing since the new millennium started. Looking into the future and considering latest development. Serenity from real experience.
Partner & Head of SEO
[link <rel="alternate" hreflang="Bavarian"…>] An SEO all-rounder in the best sense. Finds another technical error and explains it a second time. Wears T-shirts out of conviction.
Senior Google Ads Manager
[Brusque in the best sense] Campaign experience and customer-tested. Precise and fast in creation, reporting and everything that goes with it. Prefers typing over speaking.
Projektleitung SEO
[The man for your project - craftsman?] Patience for projects of any size. Always gives understandable explanations. No fear of a new CMS. Best telephone voice.
Strategy & Marketing Manager
[Insert bilingualism here] The big picture and telling the customer straight up. Enthusiasm for impossible tasks. Can credibly wear suits.
Art Director
[Functionality and aesthetics are not mutually exclusive, blah.] Is curious and wants to arouse curiosity, leave uniformity behind. Lines that fit, surfaces that stand out. Only as serious as necessary.
SEO & Analytics
[<!—Mr. Script Manager --><script>(function(w,d,s,l,i)…] Stays focused until everything is solved. Really knows where the website visitors come from and what they do. Slow means thoughtful.
Paid Ads Consultant
[coffee first] from skateboard to keyboard - create posts, optimize ads, manage keywords #hashtag
SEO & Content Creation
[this or that] Enthusiastic about any topic. Except maybe sports. Strength: Research. Weakness: Research (check - re-check - double-check).
SEO & Content Creation
[Lorem ipsum femina sit amet.] What does the customer want, but cannot say? Chases commas and misleading phrases. Impatience is perhaps also a virtue.
[do { think();code(); } while (is_alive());] Thinks before he acts. Finds solutions where nobody else sees any. Happy, despite many years of coding.
Social Media Marketing
[In tune with the times despite constantly changing algorithms.] Social being not only in social media. Creates content that's business-centric without being sleep-inducing.
[Good with numbers.] Credit and debit, and something with assets and liabilities. Responsible for creating and maintaining balance.

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We support you in the creation of optimized content for your website, with guest contributions for link building and in the training of your copywriters. We will also be happy to help you find topics and formulate content that is suitable for both, your target audience and search engines.