Duplicate Content – the effects on SEO and how to deal with it

What exactly is Duplicate Content?

To put it short: Duplicate Content is content, that can be found online on more than a single website, meaning it can be accessed via multiple URLs.

Why is it bad?
It’s hard for search engines to determine which content is the best match for a specific search query. Should there be multiple websites with the same or very similar content, Google will make sure not to show all of these in its result pages. It will rather try to determine which page is the original source and thus granting it a higher relevancy. This can be bad news for a website, as all pages with duplicate content will have to share relevancy score and consequently will lose significance and ranking positions.

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Switching from a static website to WordPress– a SEO perspective

There are many reasons why you should transfer your static homepage to the content management system (CMS) WordPress – for more flexibility or to save some working time – CMSs have for sure many advantages.

Besides all the positive aspects there are also some dangers such a change bears. In this article you will find out what you have to be aware of in such a changeover.

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Google going for a mobile first index

For years now the number of search queries performed on smartphones and tablets has been rising. Since 2015 Google has recorded more queries from mobile devices than desktop computers. To cater to this majority of users Google is changing its algorithms to calculate websites’ ranking positions based on their mobile versions. Read more

Local SEO – The value of business directories for local search rankings

Business Directories – Dos and Don’ts

Online visibility is gaining more and more importance for small businesses as well as local branches of bigger companies. User behavior shows that a rising number of potential customers tend to check online for opening hours, offers or reviews before going to a barber shop or visiting a doctor. This kind of upfront research is often an important decision factor.
Google Search is of course still the number one place to go. So how can you achieve an optimal placement in Google’s “local search results” for an optimal visibility? Read more