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Google Ads training.

For beginners & advanced.

Customized offer.

Google Ads is a powerful tool to quickly bring interested visitors to your website. Learn how to use the full potential of your budget and avoid irrelevant clicks.

We manage dozens of ads accounts every day, manage tens of thousands of euros in monthly marketing budgets and have years of practical experience. In the area of search engine
marketing & Google Ads we offer courses for beginners and advanced users, in which we pass on our accumulated knowledge directly to you.

We adapt the content of our Google Ads workshops to your project and your requirements and address all topics that are particularly important to you. We impart this knowledge in a practical way so that you can immediately apply what you have learned to your account.

The Google Ads workshop provided us with clear, constructive and most importantly, actionable measures to optimize our ad campaigns. Great job!

Tina Johansen
NAGRA Kudelski

Who is our Google Ads Workshop for?

You are responsible for the operative marketing or online activities in your company? You have to take care of Google Ads (formerly Google AdWords), but you still want to get concrete tips and recommendations to get started? You want to place ads on Google and Co. for your own website? Or you have already started your first attempts with ads on Google, but you are dissatisfied with the success of your campaigns?

We offer you individual SEA trainings. This means

  • Tailored to your questions and interests
  • adapted to your level of knowledge and your working conditions
  • specifically based on your website and your offers
  • SEA know-how, which you can put into practice
  • you can manage your Google Ads by yourself

Together we will take a look at your website, your ads account and work out examples of what is important and what concrete measures you can take to be more visibly on Google & Co. Benefit from our decades of experience in online communication and SEA / Google Ads.

The content of our Google Ads courses

  • We start with account creation and the basics of account structure & campaigns
  • We will show you how keyword research works
  • We develop the campaign settings (targeting, budget, etc.) together
  • We show you how ad extensions work
  • We help you with writing your ad copy
  • We show you how to control and optimize your ads

Avoid common mistakes with Google Ads

Especially when getting started with Google Ads, it’s easy to overlook important KPIs and features. If you understand and evaluate them correctly, it can help you to optimally align your campaigns. We offer helpful tips and show you how to find answers to the following questions: For which ad groups or campaigns should you increase or decrease the budget? Why are ads not being displayed and what can you do about it?

Since Google Ads’ settings are constantly changing, we also give you an insight into the latest developments.

Our offer for Google Ads workshops

As our workshops are individually designed, based on your level of expertise, your questions and your website, we do not indicate general costs here. Duration and costs also depend on your website (How big is it? How is it structured? How old is it, when was it last updated? etc.) and also on the available resources.

We would be happy to make you an individual offer.

We are looking forward to your inquiry and to a new challenge!

Tell us about your project

Further Workshops

For further support in online marketing, we also recommend our SEO workshops and Google Analytics training courses, which provide you with the necessary knowledge and tools to manage those channels on your own.

We have achieved goals for:

".kloos can be described as "the web agency" that takes time to understand the industry, market and goals and then builds brilliant strategies. With unparalleled technical knowledge, the team from .kloos was able to transform the landscape and leverage technology to our competitive advantage. I can highly recommend .kloos to any organization looking to grow their business quickly. "
Britta Steele, Chief Marketing Officer
Sixsentix Group

‘’When working with agencies, what is really important to me is that there is no client-agency relationship, but rather a proper team feeling. With .kloos I truly felt that they want us to succeed just as much as we do. This created a lot of trust, and with quality work, that .kloos provided, we definitely got to a higher level together.’’
Vanja Lazic, CMO
Store Room

"We were super happy with all the workshops given by .kloos. We learned a lot about SEO and could immediately apply the knowledge in our daily work. Daniel used examples from our own website in the trainings, showed us what to pay attention to and where the biggest potentials were. Altogether, it was extremely helpful and actionable. Thank you!"
Sonja Kohlreiter

“.kloos has always been more than willing to reply to our every request promptly and efficiently. The team carefully studied and optimized many aspects of our website, so that we see huge improvements across all target countries and language versions. They helped us with the restructure of our Google Ads campaigns, a change that made the campaigns more efficient and profitable. “
Paul Duff, CEO
BIZ Courier

“The Google Ads workshop gave us clear, constructive and actionable advice on how to adjust and improve our Ad’s and conversions according to our needs. Great value for money!”
Tina Johansen
NAGRA Kudelski