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Reputation Management – Saving your Good Image

“There is no such thing as bad advertisement” – What may have been true in times long gone doesn’t apply to the internet age anymore. Not only does the web grant each single user a much greater coverage and outreach it also never forgets. Back in the days an unsatisfied customer would have aired her […]

Google Analytics Basics

How do you know if your website is a success? Or how many users visit your website on a daily basis, how long they linger there, from where and how they reach the site or where they leave it? What can you learn from your visitors’ interaction with your website? To track and understand all […]

Does Google prefer negative or skeptical content?

After working on many and versatile Online Reputation Management projects we have seen a phenomenon that reoccurs over and over again: Negative or discriminating content about individuals or companies often ranks better than equal positive content And that’s not all: It seem like Google clearly prefers these critical voices. Even though all other ranking factors […]


Google going for a mobile first index

For years now the number of search queries performed on smartphones and tablets has been rising. Since 2015 Google has recorded more queries from mobile devices than desktop computers. To cater to this majority of users Google is changing its algorithms to calculate websites’ ranking positions based on their mobile versions.

AdWords: Ads position and quality score

Which is the best position for your AdWords ad? Most would clearly vote for the first position. We argue: it depends. The first position clearly has two advantages: Firstly, the ad displayed at the first position gets the most clicks and it is placed even above the organic search results. This can be helpful since […]

Six Tips how to write successful AdWords ads

When talking about AdWords or managing an AdWords campaign, it is all about click rates, keywords, schedules, bids etc. We too often forget the most important tool, which is the ad itself. In fact, a potential client sees nothing but your ad. It is hence up to a successful wording to communicate your message and […]

What we’ve learnt at the SMX Munich 2016

This year’s SMX Conference in Munich took place on March 17th and 18th and we were grateful to attend this outstanding event for search engine optimization. More than 80 high-level speakers gave notes about various SEO, SEA and online marketing subjects. To put it short: SMX Munich 2016 was the best conference we’ve ever attended.